The BIACC security policies and practices meet the standards of the National Civil Aviation Safety Programme of Negara Brunei Darussalam, the basis from which the BIACC’s Security Programme/ Manual is developed.

BIACC is OHSAS 8001:2007 certified and IATA ISAGO registered. Both standards address and deals with the risks of safety, health and occupational issues of the Company. It provide guidance to ensure the facility is a safe, healthy place to work where the mechanism and guidance are provided sufficiently for the employees to work toward an injury- and illness-free workplace.

The Company’s safety system is further strengthened by the introduction and adoption of Safety Management System (SMS) which has been embedded into the organisation and becomes part of the Company’s culture.

We treat every aspect of terminal security important. All strategic and sensitive areas – cargo acceptance, delivery, build-up, breakdown and staging areas are all under constant surveillance and cover by CCTV cameras and where there are entry and exit points guards are deployed to control and deter against unauthorised access. Some of the facilities and resources include:

High-tech CCTV system

50 units CCTV cameras
installed at all strategic locations

metal detector

Professional and highly
trained security guards

High-tech X-ray
screening machine

for export, import and transit cargo operated by Airport Police (Royal Brunei Police Force) and Royal Brunei Custom and Excise